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Napoleon's tent in Egypt

(typed on reverse)
Certificate of authenticity.

The tent in the small picture by the writer is made from the cloth of the tent that Napoleon used in the Egyptian Campaign. The tent is on exhibition in the Luxembourg at Paris and in 1833 the fragment from which the tent was made was captured at the museum by some Napoleon Collector. And the paper in which it was wrapped bore the following inscription.

"D'un Pavillon que Napoleon a rapporte d'Egypte.
Pris au Luxembourg, le 12 Nov. 1833 a Paris."

The fragment came into the possession of the undersigned from presentation by Mr. David Proskey the President of the New York Coin and Stamp Co. in 1924. He came into possession of it by the purchase of it along with other Napoleon items from some collector.

The picture was drawn in pastel for the sole purpose of preserving this fine relic of Napoleon and the picture of Napoleon is from the painting of Napoleon in Egypt by E. Detaille, in the collection of Sir George White, Bart. of Cotham House, Bristol, England.

Signed by the designer and owner at New York City, November 23, 1926.

Charles Evan Fowler M. Am. Soc. C. E.

(In the January 1917 issue of The Numismatist, David Proskey remarked on the popular confusion of the winged cap of Mercury with the folded Phrygian cap, the symbolic Liberty Cap of the French and American revolutions, depicted on the Liberty Head dime. He wrote "The Phrygian cap, typical of Liberty, is adorned with a wing similar to that we are accustomed to see on the cap of Mercury. It may be suggested therefrom our Liberty is of a fleeting character, or may hap depending upon the development of our flying warships, both aerial and naval.")




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