Letter From Bobbie Merlino

To the Observers At Mount Wilson

Cat. #0018


129 Georgia Ave.
Atlantic City, J.J.
Dec. 4, 1932

Dear Sir:

I am a lad of 18 years of age. I appeal to you for one reason. Since childhood I've always been interested in planets espec ially the Red Planet Mars. So for this reason I write to you for inquiries on, will there ever be an interplanetary expedion to Mars in the near future. I would like to accompany that expedition. For this reason I ask you because through your medium and reference I could easily be one of the accompaning aides for the cause of science.
I want to reveal that innermost secrets of Mars which are puzzling the scientists the wold over. I will beleive and always beleive that the Planet Mars is inhabited. But not in the same stature and conditions of you, me or anyone else.
I've always wanted to visit that palnet in the early future. I readily understand that is a very dangerous expedition that we may never return but as long as I just take one glimpse at it I am satisfy if die on the Planet I've always planned to visit.
I am not out of my mind. I am as sane as anyone and I am very serious about this matter. Oping you take this serious, I remain
Yours truely
Bobbie Merlino

In case you want to respond here is my address plainly.

Bobbie Merlino
129 N Georgia Ave.
Atlantic City, N.J.


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