Letter From W. Charles Lamb

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(Strays from the ether revealed to man 600 B. C. what we are just now beginning to find out through Modern Astronomical photography)

Hubbell, Nebr. 7/26/28

Dr. Walter S. Adams

Mount Wilson Observatory,

Pasadena, California.

Dear Mr. Adams: I thank you for your letter of the 23rd, in answer to my letter of recent date pretaining to the resemblance and forms found in the Orion Nebula and note that you cannot offer any suggestions regarding my views.

These forms are only an inkling just a trace a readily intelligible and even forceable mode of representation of That Consuming Fire the Almighty, understood by symbols, and traceable in early Chaldean Art, to-day dug up in the ruins of Ninevah and Babylon, such as winged, human headed Bulls, winged Lions, heads of an Eagle or Vulture, a curved beak, half open, disclosing a narrow pointed tongue & etc. & etc. all elements (including the square vessel and the fire cones) simbolizing fire, with that of the qualities of the homes of the Gods.

The Nebula its-self is not God, any more than the 7 stars, other than representing the 7 Spirits of God. Undoubtidly they point us to the region in the heavens, where dwell the Gods, and these Symbols had awed and instructed races which existed on this planet centuries B. C.

In the light of Modern science and the intrepretation of the scriptures, I claim that these forms co-incide with the teachings of the latter an act of the Devine Spirit in His effort to reveal Him-Self to man.

GOD DWELLETH BETWEEN THE CHERUBIMS, and Ezekiel 10:9 verse, reveals the secret.

One wheel (disk by on Cherub, and another wheel by another Cherub (Father & Son) and the appearance of the wheels was as the color of the beryl stone.

Note The five faces (man, lion, ox, eagle, & cherub) are forms and resemblances found only in the Orion Nebula, the 4 wheels are found in the TRAPEZIUM, and you will find as explained in scripture 2 little stars besides two of the larger. Found on the photographic plate, to be as recorded by Ezekile in 600 B. C.

The stars in The Trapezium therefore would represent to the Human mind the positions or Thrones of the 4 important objects mentioned in scripture THRONE OF THE FATHER, THE SON, THE HOLY SPIRIT, & THE HOLY CITY this is my position, proved by the photograph, & the Scriptures, - thus the dwelling place of the ineffible glorious and incarnate God, not that the Orion Nebula is God but the living creations surround His Great & Glorious Personage what ever that may be.

The word - Wings - translated from the Chaldeian into the english would signify the extremity of a country Eyes guided by intelligence FIRMAMENT a solid expanse, or platform, elevated floor & etc. Terrible Crystal dazzling and Brilliant, fearful to behold all Living Creations Temples not made with hands - and the prophet saw the appearance of a man upon the throne. That Man is undoubtedly Jesus Christ, the Wisdome of these LIVING CREATIONS who was God in the flesh although God the Father is Spirit and undoubtidly resides in or on the Largest Disk in the Trapezium found in said Nebula. thus according to scripture the two Cherubims occupying (highest order of Angels) standing on either side of God and His Son.

Pardon this intrusion but if you will study the scriptures and the photographs, you will find probly more than 33 points of identity proving the dwelling place of Gods in The Great Nebula of Orion.

Very Truly Yours

W. Chas, Lamb


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