____________ Please accept my donation to the Hester Pookes Tradescant Fund for the Preservation of the Museum of Jurassic Technology. I am compelled to contribute:

Backer Contribution Backers receive a t-shirt with The Hester Pookes Tradescant Fund logo $50
Exponent Contribution Exponents will receive a limited edition ceramic plate. $100
Adherent Contribution Adherents will receive a minted bronze Museum medallion. $150
Apologist Contribution Apologists will receive a minted silver Museum medallion. $500
Enthusiast Contribution Enthusiasts will receive a minted gold Museum medallion and a limited edition ceramic plate commemorating their contribution. $1000
Defender Contribution Defenders will receive a minted gold Museum medallion, a limited edition ceramic plate commemorating their contribution and an undisclosed special gift. $5000

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